Abandoned City Hof, Post-war high rise architecture in Hamburg


This is the section for thoughts, ramblings and pictures that are not (yet) part of any collection. It will be updated monthly, unless something interesting happens or I am bored, then I might increase the frequency.

Starting things off with a shot I like very much and could be part of a „Lost Hamburg” series. It was taken in the now demolished „City Hof” ensemble near the central station. It was a very clever post-war design by architect Rudolph Klopphaus, which let you see the historical Kontorhausviertel when you arrived in Hamburg by train, kind of inverse-mirroring its colour scheme. Initially quite beautiful in its white LECA-cladding, it was uglified in the 1970s with grey concrete tiles and finally demolished in 2019. It was replaced with a provincial office building, blocking the view between station and Kontorhausviertel.

At the time I took that shot, the building was aleady largely abandoned. It almost looks as if you could walk into a forest at the end of the path. In reality there were just a few bushes on a traffic island.


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  1. Wonderful website, congratulations! 🙂

  2. Patrick

    Very lovely, my dearest friend. There is much beauty in what others might find ugly. Sometimes you need a closer look. Carry on.
    Best wishes

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