Odds & Ends II

This is one of my personal favourites. Unfortunately, the original got lost over time and there is only this really small version left. I took it some years ago while travelling Palatinate in southern Germany. And really, I think you can’t get any more german than this picture. The „Einfamilienhäuser”, standing much too close for comfort, one looking almost exactly as the other. Trying to fit in as good as possible and yet trying to display a little individuality. But not too much, otherwise theneighbours will get talking. It is as german as Sauerkraut and Helmut Kohl, who was born in this area. It is unlikely that this picture will ever be part of a set, so enjoy it for what it ist, with all its deficiencies.

Also I have updated the „Where I Was From” and „Traces Of Life” sections slightly, adding one or two new pictures. More to follow in due time.


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